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I don't know about you, but I'm not sure I'll be able to send my little one off to Kindergarden after school starts back up. As a stay at home parent, trust me, after being stuck in quarantine for over a month, the thought of "Back to School" sounds really good. But I just don't know if I could send him back to a place where the barrage attack of sneezes and cesspool of germs on snotty sleeves are merely bi-products of being a child. The rapid growth of educational technology and the effectiveness of 5G is really starting to make me lean towards homeschooling. Since school closed, my 4th grader has been doing really well with his home school assignments. I even hired one of our very own Claremont Tutors (Katie) to tutor him in English grammar. The meet online and use our Whiteboard to video chat and share screen. It's really cool to see how engaged he is from the moment he puts his headset on. We granted her access to his school google classroom and khan academy. She looks over the work he's completed online and goes over the problems he gets wrong. She even goes above and beyond to assign him additional writing assignments and math problems on Khan. My little one gets spends a couple hours a week together too. He gets so excited about having his special time with Ms. Katie. He's only 4 so most of the time he talks her ear off about super heroes and star wars but she's a great listener and she strategically structures their conversations to incorporate learning skills while building confidence and develop social skills. I think if you have access to engaging curriculum, tutor/teacher support, and technology, homeschooling can be very effective for students who want to learn at their own pace. It has taken the collective effort of an entire industry from both public and private sectors to tackle the technical challenges educators are facing in today's world. As access to 5G becomes more accessible to middle and low-income families, our online tutoring platform becomes more relevant. I know many not everyone has the choice of homeschooling, and if you're reading this blog I already know you're a great parent. I'm posing the question because I want to know how many other parents out there feel the same way and truthfully, I want to validate my own position on the topic.

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