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Khan Academy is a non-profit organization and is best known for its online video library of over 3600 educational micro-lectures.

Most students struggle with homework because they weren’t able to grasp certain concepts during regular school hours, never grasped the previous concept, were too shy to speak up and ask questions, or because they had fallen too far behind in their class before asking for help. Khan Academy provides an easy way for students to find online tutorials that verbally and visually explain specific concepts.


This program creates an environment where each student can work at their own pace by giving the user the ability to revisit old concepts or jump ahead to new ones. A student can freely pause, fast forward or rewind videos as needed. The Khan Academy provides online videos for multiple subjects, including Mathematics, History, and Science. covers a vast range of math subjects from elementary math to calculus. Most video lectures only run about 10-15 minutes long and are followed up with related practice problems. If your daughter or son is struggling with their homework, we strongly recommend this resource. It’s safe and free!


Khan Academy FREE Video Library

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Cell Phone Apps

Students of all ages can always use a little help when it comes to homework management. Having multiple assignments in a variety of classes, students are required to stay on top of worksheets, quizzes, and tests. Try these five iPhone apps created to help keep track of homework:

1., FREE. Prioritize, track, and color-code assignments on user friendly calendar interface.

2. Evernote, FREE. This free app lets you take notes, capture photos, create to-do lists, record voice reminders, and makes these notes completely searchable.

4. iHomwork, $1.99.
Enter homework task, course/teacher information, and class schedules.

5. Homeworkr, $.99.
Track your classes, homework, tests, and assignments.

3. iStudiez Pro, $2.99. Prioritize homework, receive push notifications before assignments are due and even tracks grade point average. Perhaps the best part is that you can send all of your data to your e-mail address

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