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Help Educate Leadership Program, Inc., (HELP) is a

501c3 Educational Non-Profit Organization.


HELP recruits top college students from Colleges & Universities to mentor and tutor younger students in need. 


HELP provides both fee-based and non-fee based supplemental education for the general public and low-income students and schools. 


HELP recruits local college students to be involved in our leadership program and provides opportunities for them to mentor, educate, and tutor the general public.


HELP’s overall goal and objective is to enhance and improve overall student academic performance, reduce high school dropout rates, and help students get into college.


After School Tutoring in Claremont

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In The


Tutor Testimonials

“I saw this as more 
than just a job, but 
an opportunity to 
make connections 
with students in 
order to work 
toward a mutual 
goal of success.”



Client Testimonials

"You run such a 
highly respectable 
and ethical business. 
It is a pleasure being 
your customer."




About Our Tutors

Our tutors are experienced, competent and passionate about learning. As they are all currently enrolled or recently graduated college students, they are able to educate, motivate, and relate to their students in ways other tutors can’t! Their strength lies in their enthusiasm and strong grasp of the materials. You are asked to provide learning materials (i.e. textbooks) and general objectives (i.e. "an A in Geometry"). We guarantee that you'll be satisfied with your tutor or your session is free!





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